How Submit to a fashion agency/How to take model digitals/polaroids

Elizabeth Wiseman Photography St Louis  Fashion Photography Actors headshots

Lily Crider of Ford Models and West Model Management. Digitals by Elizabeth Wiseman Photography

Modeling agencies are simpler to please than you think. They don’t want your pictures with your crazy makeup and hair and million dollar lights – they want to see you in all of your rawness.

your initial submission to a modeling agency should be with digitals (they used to use polaroid cameras for this so some people still call them polaroids) All you need is you, a plain bikini, and a plain wall.

take 7 photos

  • front full
  • left full
  • right full
  • face
  • left profile
  • right profile
  • Back full

NO MAKEUP and hair pulled back.

sound too easy? maybe because there is a catch. this is only appropriate for a FASHION agency. If you are larger than a size four, or you are older than 25 – this is not the submission process for you. You are Commercial print and should market yourself as an actress/model. In that case submit a headshot and perhaps one or two lifestyle print model shots that show you laughing and natural.

5 Responses to “How Submit to a fashion agency/How to take model digitals/polaroids”

  1. Sally says:

    Have you not heard of plus size models? Those are fashion models as well. What do THEY do?

  2. admin says:

    great question! plus size models would follow the same protocol. IF you didn’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit, many digitals are taken with slim jeans and a tank top.

  3. admin says:

    I just re-read and realized that the article does say above a size four needs a different process. I wrote that because most people above a size four will not end up doing fashion, but you’re right, some do! Plus modeling is a very specific genre for women who are a size 10-14 about 5’10″. the industry is opening up though!

  4. Darlyn says:

    In my opinion, it depends upon the agency. I have contacted several commercial print agencies & they have requested polaroids (for example, Wilhelmina requests polaroids whether the model is suited for commercial print or fashion).

  5. admin says:

    Good point Darlyn! I just put up a new blog post that I borrowed from another writer that talks about how important it is to follow the directions of an agency. I think the important thing is that it would be very unlikely that you would need to send bikini shots if you are not submitting for fashion.

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